Goals for My Home 2012

First off, welcome! I’m so thrilled that you stopped by today. This is my very first post on this blog (I am separating family posts from project posts) so it is very empty around here right now. It reminds of when we bought our first (current) house. We signed all the bajillion papers and as soon as we had the key in hand we raced over to our very first home. Our stuff wasn’t going to be there for at least two more weeks but we didn’t care. It was ours. And it was empty. Oh so very empty. But it was so exciting to think of how we would fill it. That is how I feel right now with this post. I’m standing on the threshold with a twinkle in my eye!

Writing down a list of things I wanted to do for my home this year wasn’t something I was going to do. I made a list for last year and… well, it WAS a very ambitious list. My percentage of what got done wasn’t very high. (Although I did do things that weren’t even on the list.)

Then The Nester informed me blogged about a party she was hosting where you can link up your home goals. Well, okay. If you insist. I love her and her blog.

I’d like to think I’m older and wiser (notice the and–it’s a key word in that phrase) than last year so maybe I can do better with my list. Plus, what a better way to kick off my brand new blog than to tell you some of what I’d like to accomplish this year!

We have no “finished” room in our house. We basically took everything from our apartment and spread it out in this much larger house. We’ve acquired a few new items and a lot more toys (although some will certainly scoff at what I call a lot of toys!) but our home is certainly lacking in many basic items and that is one of our main focuses this year.

All these pictures are from before we even saw the house. My dad took them all. More pictures of where I currently am with each space will be posted!

Family Room: The largest room in the house. And in dire need of functional organization. It works for us but it isn’t pretty and it isn’t us and it just is. I don’t want our house to just be. I want it to breathe and exude us. Things on our list–

  • New furniture
  • Change TV placement
  • Toy storage
  • Reading nook
  • Storage ottoman
  • Rug

My Studio: In reality it is the formal dining room. But we were using it as a dining room so very few times out of the year. We are brainstorming ideas to still allow us to expand for when we have extra people over but decided the best use of this space was to turn it over exclusively to me. Super happy dance! It is adjacent to the family room so I can work while being close to my daughter. My goal is to make it good enough to be functional and somewhat pretty. Eventually I will make upgrades for it to be what I truly would like but probably not this year.

  • Desk
  • Storage, storage, storage
  • Paint

Master Bedroom: My husband doesn’t know this one is on my list yet. He would prefer having the areas that are seen by other people to be done first. I’ve been feeling a lot more lately that our bedroom should be an oasis. We should like being in there and it should be peaceful to us. (My dad didn’t have a good picture of the bedroom as a whole. Here are our “master” closets.)

  • Bed frame and headboard
  • Lamps
  • Side table
  • Full length wall mirror
  • Closet curtains instead of doors
  • Rug
  • Sitting area

Miscellaneous: There are other things throughout our house (and outside) that we’d like to get to this year.

  • Remove the bushes from the front of our house
  • Remove the large tree in our backyard (yes, it makes me super sad but part of it fell down last year and now we know that the tree is rotting–better to take the tree down than rebuild our house) (oh, that tree is smack dab in the center of the picture above. This picture makes it look small but I promise you that it’s not)
  • A toddler bed for my daughter complete with her own comfortable pillow and blanket
  • A kitchen island

That’s not TOO big of a plan, is it? My husband is on board with me this year. He wasn’t so much last year. I think we can get many of these things done. Except maybe the rugs. But it is a plan!

So there you have it. A written plan that you can hold me accountable to! I mean, so I can not be so daggone distracted. I’m pretty certain finishing a project is above my pay grade. Thanks to the Nester for hosting the linky!

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