Dining Room to Studio

My Home Goals post showed a picture of my studio back when it was empty. Shortly after moving in, we bought a dining room table from Goodwill. Oh, and eight folding chairs to surround it. And that was pretty much the extent of our dining room. A place my family could sit when they came over. Fast forward a year and a few months.

Our dining room was rarely used. We rarely had people over. And when we did, it tended to be enough people to sit at our kitchen table. My family wasn’t over enough to warrant having a dining room table available all the time. Time for a change of plans. I was already semi-using the dining room as a sewing place. I was supposed to be in the family room right next to the dining room but that nice big empty dining room table called to me.

Jared agreed and I moved my stuff in. I didn’t paint or anything. I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted the room to go in. And I had other priorities. I was pleased when I moved everything in. Funny how time changes your outlook on a space…

Yup, no blinds. No curtains. That’s changed now. One of the two windows has blinds. The other set of blinds (plus two sets for the family room) is sitting in a corner waiting to be hung. And has been since October. Or was it September? Judge not!

Ha! Look at how LITTLE stuff I had back then! This worked then. It is so laughable to me now. The sad truth is that my stuff grew and my storage didn’t. If you remember from my home goals post, you read “storage, storage, storage” for this room. I’ve addressed some of the storage needs. Holy avocados, I have a lot of stuff. For me.

It was nice to have the iron right behind where I was sewing. Super convenient for ironing seams and hems. I’m probably going to be hanging it in a different corner though. Having it out = another space to accumulate stuff.

My dress form. Actually, not mine. My sister’s. And that is my mom’s coat that I made although in this picture it was still waiting to be finished.

The last corner of this room held a small crappy desk. And it still holds this small crappy desk. It just doesn’t look so empty. The printer got moved to this desk. Yes, imagine my laptop AND the printer on that desk top. I WANT MY SPACE. Underneath is our files (hehe, yup, a small thing) and a shredder. I can’t remember what I kept in that bag because I don’t use it anymore.

At the time, I just loved having my own space. And I still do! I just want it to be more functional and pretty and usable.

Next Post: Taming the Mess. I haven’t been able to appropriately use this space since Thanksgiving-ish. It’s past time to reclaim my space!

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