Taming The Mess

Have you ever heard “it has to get worse before it gets better”. The process of organization rarely goes from bad to good. It goes from bad to worse to good. Yesterday I showed you the good. Now I’ll show you my crap. You know you want to see it…

At the time of this picture, some things had been moved around. The window not shown has blinds as is evident to me because of the ladder and the drill. The wire shelving moved over to another corner. And some totes showed up.And then there’s just stuff on the table along with my bag I won from a thirtyone giveaway. Awesome bag.

Ahh, the small desk. With crap on it. Laptop… printer… crap… I have a laser mouse and it does not like my desk. I was going to make a mouse pad but it also doesn’t like fabric. It doesn’t like cardboard. It likes magazines. So that part isn’t crap. There’s another mouse… pens… paper waiting for me to print out the rest of it so I can finish a side table makeover… a stack of cds (under the printer)… like I said. Crap.

And we move along the journey of the studio. This time I had started getting this room into shape. You just can’t tell it from this picture. More stuff on the table. The wire shelving is moved… again… but only because something else was in its place.

Were you tired of looking at all the piles and unorganized mess? I got these cubbies on clearance. I originally bought only nine (this picture). Then I bought three more at my husband’s suggestion–who was I to complain??

So I’m slowly getting the room into usable shape.  Anyone else move at a snails pace when you are dreading the work? I can’t wait for it to be clean again–I mean, I obviously can wait. But I know there is stuff on that table I don’t want to deal with which is why it’s sitting there. I put on my big girl pants and got to work during Kaelyn’s nap.

Anybody else take forever to get rid of empty random boxes because you never know when you need them? They came in handy finally. I labeled each box–as you can see. When Jared saw them he said “lots of lameness all around”. He didn’t deny that I was lame. Sad day. But so true.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything fit into the boxes. The only things I left on the table was the iron, a few baskets, that sort of thing. Very few items. I haven’t even touched the floor and the wire shelving yet because that is all remaining in the room and just needs… wait for it… storage! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Anywho. Here are my boxes sorted. Which box had the most stuff, you ask? It kills me to admit it. Stuff that had a home but wasn’t put away. If it has a home, I have no excuse for it just being out! So dumb. It was super easy to put that box away so I started with it first. I did that today. Sorted it into which room it went into and then poof! The box was empty.

The box that I really don’t want to take of because it is the reason I was dreading clearing up that table is the “needs a home” box. These are items that… has never had a place to call home. I have two much larger boxes in the living room of stuff like this. This box will probably join those boxes until I have homes for them. I don’t want to just spend money to storage. I want to like the solution and know it works for us. And I want it to be quality. So as much as I’m tired of seeing those boxes and being reminded that we’ve lived in this house for nearly two years and there are STILL boxes to be put away… it will be a while longer. Ugh.

Tell me I’m not alone in this.

2 thoughts on “Taming The Mess

  1. This post is fantastic, I’m glad I’m not the only one with boxes that still have to be put away, I think that’s why basements are such a huge requirement in a well designed house… everyone needs a place to hide their lack of motivation to unpack.

    This post also makes me want to run to the container store and spend the night. Ahhh sweet bliss!

    • I refuse to stick those boxes in the basement because then I will never find the motivation to take care of it! I will just ignore it. And it’s not that those boxes aren’t unpacked exactly… they’ve been unpacked and packed with various objects several times in the last two years. lol–I know, it doesn’t make it any better.

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