Desk Makeover: Part 1

Back in October, my grandmother gave me a desk that she bought but wasn’t using. She really wanted it to get used so she asked if I needed one. Remember my desk in my studio? It didn’t take me long to shout yes. (I hope I didn’t actually shout.)

The desk came back to my house and then sat in two pieces (or maybe more like 6) in my living room waiting for me to do something with it. Four months later, I started. Yay. It will only take me four more months to finish it. (Oh, please, oh, please, let me be lying!)

Here is what the desk looked like in it’s before state. It is a slide-down-top desk (uh huh, that’s Suki language for ya). The “drawer” is a keyboard tray. Underneath you can see the two organizers that go on the desk top part.

Real exciting post, right? Coming up: Taking it apart. And painting it. It’s not solid wood. And how to do it in the winter. When it’s cold and snowy. And you have no workshop type place.


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