About This Moose

Hi! My name is Suki.


I love:

  • Big Moose
  • Moose K
  • Sewing
  • Painting (walls, furniture, the bathtub–okay, probably not that)
  • Shopping clearance at Target
  • Being warm
  • Collecting clothes that other people are giving away
  • Lists and checking things off of them
  • Sun rooms and wrap around porches
  • Organizing
  • Making things work for my family instead of the other way around

I don’t love:

  • Eating fish or raw onions
  • Being cold
  • Driving in the rain or the dark

This blog is the journey of my life through dreaming (and scheming!), playing, and creating. It is a reminder to me that sometimes we can’t make big changes but we can make little changes that add up over time. I hope it helps you in a little way even if it is just motivation to get dressed in the morning!


Leave some love!

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