Searching For The Perfect Rug

A few months ago, Jared and I started talking seriously about buying a couch and a rug for our family room. We have never purchased a rug before and furniture purchases isn’t much higher. We’ve bought some mattresses (no frames or headboards) and a glider (which I love). Which has been okay with us up to now. We rarely have people over. We can deal with broken and mismatched furniture. But after 4 1/2 years of marriage with broken and mismatched furniture, we are ready to take the plunge.

I can’t wait to see how the couch we picked out looks in our family room. I’ll tell the whole story about it when I have pictures to show you. We are waiting anxiously for the phone call that says they can deliver it. Anytime in the next week!!

But this post is about rugs.

Oh, rugs…

Ever since we decided to move forward with the big spending, we’ve looked at rugs. Sometimes together, sometimes separately. I was thrilled when Jared called me upstairs to his office to show me some rugs that he had found. He took an interest instead of the backseat! That’s when I knew that we really would be buying a rug. So exciting.

After looking over hundreds of rugs on several websites plus doing some looking in stores (while pacifying Kaelyn in the cart or letting her run free with her aunt), we were beginning to think it would take a long time to find THE RUG. That one is too gray. That one is too dark. That blue probably won’t match. Too traditional. Too stripy. Too… you get the picture. One of us didn’t like something and neither of us really loved any of them. Oh, the drama!

You feel that way too, right? If you’re going to spend money, let’s make sure that we love it. Especially because it’s a lot of money to not like something.

Tonight was the first night that I found a rug that I love. Super heart love! And Jared really likes it too. I thought he would dislike it on account of the color. He only commented on the color but once I assured him that it fit in with my whole vision for the room, he confessed that he really liked it too (even if he still doesn’t see how how it will all tie together).

And then I decided to keep looking and found another one we both really like but not quite as much as the first. I figure that we’re not actually ready to purchase it (but we can next month) so why not give us a few more options.

I know you’re dying to see what sort of rug I love with a super heart love. Check it out!

Isn’t it lovely?! It is light and bright. We haven’t been overly fond of these patterns but we really like this one and I couldn’t tell you why!

And here is rug #2.

Ha, totally different colors, right?? Yellow is another color I want in the room but I haven’t been too fond of the yellows I have been seeing. Jared usually doesn’t like geometric patterns and while he said “it is busy” he likes that it is light. And it doesn’t bother him too much.

Well, I’m off to look at some more rugs! Don’t you love it when you find something that just clicks for you?

UPDATE: I am sooo sad! I wanted to see some reviews for the green rug. Know what I found? The rug everywhere else is green & beige which is so dark looking instead of the wonderful bright green & ivory that I first saw. I have a question into the original site to confirm but my heart is already broken.


West Elm Inspiration

I love magazines and catalogs! Do you? I don’t subscribe to very many but I’m considering changing one subscription to something else I like better…

At some point in recent history, I must have signed up to receive the West Elm catalog. Goodness knows I’ve never purchased anything from there. I chose a few things from their catalog to share. These are just some things that are inspirational to me and may or may not show up in my home in one form or another. But most likely my own version cause these are West Elm priced (aka, Way Super Out Of My Budget If I Want To Do Anything Else).

Disclaimer: I feel like I should add a short disclaimer about how West Elm doesn’t know or care about who I am. As such, I’m not getting paid to write about their stuff. Which is probably a good thing considering what I plan on saying… hee hee! Read on!

Small Round Hanging Capiz Pendant. They have a larger version that is rectangular in shape. You may or may not have seen it around. I really love this smaller version. I can see this in my entry way. I think it’d be perfect for that space! A little feminine bling. Enough for me and maybe enough for my husband. Except for the price tag. Some people have DIY’ed this. I have a perfect idea on how to DIY for a whole lot less than $129.

Ever since I painted stripes in my family room, I have been loving stripes. Especially wide stripes. Ooh, love them. This yellow–excuse me, citron and white striped duvet cover and sham looks awesome! But we’re not doing yellow… citron in our bedroom.

But we do have a hall bathroom that could use a makeover sometime in the probably way distant future and this could certainly fit the bill as a shower curtain! I’ll have to think on that. Would wide horizontal stripes in a small bathroom be too much? (Also, I have to add that I saw yellow and white stripes several times in their catalog and not just for products. Some were painted on the wall. And always wide stripes. Sometimes vertical. Always lovely.

I love the look of these two toned baskets! ┬áThese could find their way into our bedroom makeover. But not likely because I’m not too sure on the price/size but it sure would look good! They can hold the extra pillows for our bed during the night. And maybe an extra throw blanket for those why-are-you-making-me-so-cold-my-dearest-husband nights.

Aren’t these wooden ombre vases so cool?! I love the look of them but they have no place in my house. Too many different wood tones and I go cuh-ray-zee.

My daughter saw this picture and said “bottles!” When I turned the page, she asked “more bottles?” Ahh, a girl after my own heart! I adore bottles. As in… adore. I have even pulled bottles out of a dumpster because they were so purty. These ones are pretty too. A simple bud vase or maybe you’re one of those people who collects sand. Or something like that.

Those who know me well know I love blankets. I cannot sleep at night without some sort of covering and a sheet is usually too light. My living room makeover list includes some small-ish, lightweight blankets that are easily stashable for when we are watching some TV.

I love this in white. The price for the headboard alone (king size) is $499. The bedframe is a whole lot cheaper! On a side note: love that wide plank flooring.

This tree stump side table is something that I definitely want somewhere someday! In fact, I have a piece of wood drying out in my garage right now. I’m hoping it turns out one of these months.

That is it for today. I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!