How Much We Love Our Rug

We bought a rug a few weeks ago. Yup. I’m behind in showing it off. And I’m not even going to do that today!

Did I remember to mention that our couch was delivered a few weeks ago as well? Just before we bought the rug… yup, also not showing that off today.

I’m holding off until more of the family room is completed–so expect a post about it all in a few months! (If you could see my face, I look duly chagrined.)(Or maybe not.) I’m here today to tell you how much we love our brand new rug.

Once upon a few weeks ago, we bought a brand new rug and set it up in our family room with our equally brand new couch. We sat on the couch and looked at the view, deciding if we really liked it or if we wanted to return it and try another one (we didn’t purchase this rug completely loving it–a story for when I truly show off our rug). Kaelyn was oohing and aahing over the rug. She quite enjoyed it. She brought some books over so she could sit on the rug. Since then, she loves jumping on it. And doing downward dog (yoga pose) while hopping on one foot. Oh! And the cutest of all, she does somersaults!

Okay, you got me. This story isn’t really about how much we love and adore our rug. This is really a story of how much our cats love and adore our rug. Kara immediately sprawled out as only Kara knows how. She’s like a rug on top of a rug. You know those animal rugs that are shaped like the animal is just splayed out? Yeah, that’s how Kara looks… Except much more of a 3D effect.

The very next morning, one of the cats took the opportunity to sink their claws into our brand new rug in a two minute period that no one was in the room (and we had my siblings over so that was three additional people for them to avoid). We now know that both of the cats do this.

Do you see those loose rug fibers?? It’s not supposed to look like that. I was so very displeased with this turn of events. At least they hadn’t been scratching the couch which was twice as expensive but that doesn’t mean that I was okay with them scratching the rug. I didn’t purchase them an expensive cat scratcher pad!! (Jared keeps saying “at least this scratcher will last a long time”. …. Let me give you a moment of silence to change what you said.)

Not having time to do anything else that morning, I laid some blankets and pillows on top of the rug so they wouldn’t scratch. Yes… I’m glad we bought this rug so that we could look at an old blanket that we’ve had for a long while.

At first opportunity, Kaelyn and I bought one of the cardboard cat scratchers that we could put directly on the rug so they could scratch there instead of our brand new rug. (Have I mentioned it was brand new???)

Lucky for us, they adore it! Kara lays on it for fun. Kara immediately loved on it while Jaeden waited her turn. When Kara finally gave it up, Jaeden spent almost an equal amount of time loving it. Then Kara loved on it again. It doesn’t always stay on the rug but that’s okay. It’s easy to move back.

Unlucky for us, they still sink their claws in our rug. Just not as frequently.

Also, once the rug is vacuumed, you can’t tell that their claws had any sort of contact with the rug. Given enough time, I am convinced that this will change.

But really, cats…. really?